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Property Marking Kit Ultimate Pack

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Why Should I Mark?

If your valuables are stolen, you may be able to replace your TV but what about items with sentimental value? Would you be able to describe your valuables in detail to the police or insurance company?

Don’t make it easy for a criminal – mark your property.

Photograph your Property

It is always a good idea to keep a photographic record of your items. This is particularly important if you own antiques, jewellery, paintings and property of high value or of sentimental value. Taking a photo can also be useful when claiming from your insurance or reporting a theft to the police.

  • For many years Police forces all over the UK have recommended homeowners and tenants mark their various types of property items so that in the event of a burglary and goods being recovered by Police then they know which address to send them back to
  • This pack ticks all the boxes for you as it includes a handy dual-purpose pen that consists of a UV pen on one end and a permanent black marker on the other so that you can add your house number and postcode visibly and invisibly with invisible ink
  • Safehaus ultraviolet pens don’t fade like standard invisible ink pens as the permanent high-quality ink eliminates the need for protective seals however that said you still get a strip of 16 clear laminate labels to cover house numbers and postcodes
  • As highlighted in the images there is quite a large list of things that you can mark with our kits such as electronics bicycles tools games consoles computers phones and the record card is a great addition that helps you prove items are legally yours
  • The 6 Security Marked stickers along with the 1 Cycle Wrap Around Frame Label and the 2 Holographic stickers work extremely well as a visible deterrent against opportunist thieves as they create an element of doubt and fear in the mindset of thieves